Saturday, August 29, 2009

can a leopard change its spots

Meme cheater answers

Sarah's blog, A Work in Progress,
has asked for a list of ten ways I know a story was written by me. There's no way I can think of ten, but I still want to play. Here's five:

1. There is an animal in it, normally a dog.

2. Some kind of outdoor adventure happens.

3. If there are dogs, they are obviously uber smart.
4. Any dogs will have suspiciously familiar personalities - sort of like some sled dog I once knew.

5. Humour, though a relative term, is smattered throughout.

Now for my own survey. Just for fun, which book jacket do ya like?


Tara said...

I like the top left one.

Jackie said...

middle one is my choice....

top left looks like seals to me,
top right looks like a beer bottle in the background, obviously Denis'

bottom left, looks like the dog just got beat up
and bottom right... says, "photocopier got jammed and combined 45 pictures together, and we can't redo the cover as we are already over budget... sorry hopefully people will figure out it is about dogs and not about how to correctly operate a photocopier'

Jackie said...

except you can't read the font in the middle one... need to change the font. use a simpler ones... can't tell the word is dogsled at a glance... and for goodness sakes... you want your name big black and bold!!!!
you're a writer... show the world

Janet said...

I like the one off by itself with the dogs pulling the sled, except I would put your name bigger.

Deb Hockenberry said...

I like the 4th one that has the dog almost asleep in the hay (or is it straw?). I think that one fits the title better. I agree that your name should be bigger. Maybe just in bold type?
Deb :-)

Sarah-Jane Lehoux said...

I like the third (?) one. The one off by itself.

Nice answers, btw :)

TerryLynnJohnson said...

thank you everyone for participating!