Monday, November 9, 2009

Dog Teams from the BARK program

Meet my dog teams that I'm sponsoring this year through a great program called BARK over at sled dog central.

Bill Cotter is an old friend I met when I worked for a kennel in Nenana Alaska. He has a rich history of racing his dogs.

Laughing Eyes Kennel run by Hugh Neff and Tamra Reynolds are very active in the sport including winning Iditarod Rookie of the Year award in 2004. Hugh races both the Iditarod as well as the Yukon Quest. Amazing. They tour schools and give lectures on the positive energy of dogsledding. Check them out.

Some teams on the list are all rescue dogs, some are award winning Iditarod racing teams. This great program allows you to be a part of a dog team of your choice and follow along with their racing season.
So if, say you've had to sell your team due to a career change but miss their smiling faces every waking moment and still hear their happy voices in your dreams, you can feel a little like you're part of it all.

Please visit my next blog post where I will finally announce the HUGE secret I've been waiting to share with you.


L. Diane Wolfe said...

That must be amazing to watch - and even more so to DO. I heard the people and dogs who race are the toughest in the world...

Anonymous said...

I agree--amazing! Great post.

Janet said...

Those are beautiful dogs!

LeSan said...

I do love these dogs. I have a malamute myself...HUGE SECRET? What huge secret? You've been holding out on us? I thought you trusted us!

Looking forward to hearing what it is my snowy friend. :-)

Tara said...

Huge secret?!!? Can't wait to find it out. Thanks for sharing about the BARK program.

Anonymous said...

Snow & sled teams are alien to this flat lander. I live in Texas. A great idea would be fr a classroom or home school group to read Call of the Wild or a book on similar subject matter and help sponsor a dog team. That would be exciting and interesting to kids in the South, that rarely even see snow.

This is a thought provoking post.

J. Aday Kennedy
The Differently-Abled Children's Author
Coming this winter Klutzy Kantor

Anonymous said...

Dog sledding is on my Bucket List. The more I put it off though, the longer chance I have of living.

Stephen Tremp

Natalie said...

Ooo, I can't wait to hear your secret!

My name is PJ. said...

You are REALLY interesting! I am captivated by dog sled dogs. They want to be out there racing. It's amazing.

So, what else do you do?

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Once again, I'm thrilled with the comments!

Diane - it IS amazing! The energy in the air is electric!

Anneskal - thanks for visiting my blog!

Janet - I just love dogs too.

LeSan - Your malamute is lucky to have a big garden to dig in!

Tara - thanks for reading about the BARK program

J.Aday - THanks for your ideas!

Stephen - you really should try it! You'll be hooked.

Natalie - thanks for visiting. I can't wait to tell you!

PJ - I know lots of people way more interesting than me, they just don't have blogs! For more than you ever wanted to know about me, check out my honest scrap award random facts thanks to LeSan!