Sunday, July 18, 2010

Five Random things in my room

This is a fun meme - please consider yourself tagged if you are reading this. List five random things in your room. Go.

1. My bent-shaft paddle
This is one of my most treasured objects. It has been dipped in every lake in Quetico Park. It has won a few canoe races. If it ever broke, a little piece of my soul could very well shrivel up and drop off.

2. Frog collection
Yes. I'm openly admitting this.

3. Used dog toys
Strategically placed so that I step on them with bare feet whenever I get up.

4. Dead things
Replica of monster fish and snowy owl found on side of highway

5. Bowl of rocks
North Channel of Lake Huron grows Muse-Rocks. Look into their depths and be inspired.


Anonymous said...

1. An eight year old phone book from the town where I used to live.
2. A lap desk on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf to carry from the office to my recliner in the living room.
3. A battery operated clock with no battery, collecting dust.
4. A floor fan to help with the AC.
5. A sterling silver baby cup from "cough-cough" years ago.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

At least you can admit to your frog collection and seek help now! LOL
In my office?
Two dozen stuffed toys. Maybe more.
VCR from 1984 - still works!
Wallace & Gromit alarm clock
Georgia Tech stuff. (Book II's character went to GT so I collected a few items.)
A giant bag full of stickers.

Jen said...

I like your room!!! This was a lot of fun!!! Hmm five things in my room are...

1. A fairie I just bought yesterday.
2. My cat Lynx laying sprawled out over the floor.
3. Brand new 50" flat screen TV
4. My husband
5. Cat carrier that my cat loves to sleep in as long as it's not locked up and headed to the vet!

Anne R. Allen said...

1) 2 complete sets of the 1911 and 1951 Encyclopedias Britannica (Encyclopedia Britannicas?)
2) 2 scanners, neither of which I know how to work.
3) A homemade Kleenex box cover shaped like a stack of books.
4) My best-director/actress awards from the 1980s.
5) a fabric sunflower with a face in the middle that looks kind of like me 10 years ago.

I want a Wallace and Gromit alarm clock!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Wow...those are beautiful rocks!!! I have a tray of rocks from around the world on my patio table. I often pick one up and roll it around in my hand while I'm outside writing.

Susan Fields said...

Fun! Here goes:
1. My husband
2. The original copy of a poem my dad wrote me for my sixteenth birthday - one of my greatest treasures
3. my copy of The Hunger Games
4. framed pictures of all my kids when they were preschool age or younger
5. My jewelry box

Indigo said...

I'm absolutely captivated by the muse rocks.

In my room:

1)A wooden plaque with the inscription - "The only disability in life is a bad attitude." A much needed reminder at times with my deafness
2)Cat carrier - I rescue strays and I'm getting ready to take my latest rescue to the vet to be fixed.
3)On an opposing wall is a framed lithograph that has a electric guitar on it and says, "Words fail, music speaks." My husband is a musician and he taught me to feel the music, through touch.
4)A large wooden carved deer, with a massive rack. The deer are a constant in my yard. They love the crab apple trees.
5)And Pickles the working dog extraordinaire. She does a wonderful job of hearing for me - Knocks on the door, smoke alarm, etc.

I think that makes my five. (Hugs)Indigo

Jemi Fraser said...

Love the frogs!

Hmmm... Okay.
1. Canadian Olympic teddy bear
2. a Hot Wheels Mustang - my dream car :)
3. a stack of 10 books I've won in recent blog contests!
4. 3 unique candle holders from students
5. a worn, frayed afghan given to my kids by their great grandmother

Christina Lee said...

How FUN! Those rocks are really cool and I love that the paddle tells a story of it's own!

Maurissa said...

Oh I love your muse rocks- the swirled colors are definitely mesmerizing!

Tess said...

frog collection?!?!?! I LOVE that!

and, my work space is not nearly as interesting as yours.

Kelly said...

This is a cute meme!
I adore your frog collection. The rocks are beautiful. And I also step on dog toys every day!

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

Ha! Love the frog collection and the paddle. In my office:
A street sign: "Buck Fever Drive" (Buck Fever is the name of my second novel...).

My great grandfather's pocket watch.

A pen engraved with DOG GONE (title of my first novel), from my stepdaughters.

A bird's nest made out of the tail hairs of my horse.

A box of dog and cat treats to encourage the family pets to hang with me while I'm writing (yes, bribery)

Buffy Andrews said...

1. Antique Hoosier cabinet with original zinc top and flour bin and sifter.
2. Antique sideboard
3. An oak pedestal table that I had made at an Amish chair and cabinet shop in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.
4. Longaberger baskets (the basket liners match the Longaberger curtains in the room)
5. An antique market basket that has seen better days

My name is PJ. said...

That was interesting, Terry. I really like the frog collection, particularly because they're all so small.

Exactly what does 'replica' mean when it comes to the fish and snowy owl. Not taxidermy.....right?

Tracy Stoughton said...

Five things in my room.....
1. 80 frogs ( Kindred spirits we are!)
2. Over 350 books (another collection of mine - hubby doesn't like them all piled in the bedroom!)
3. a large hairy beast (my dog). He's 90 lbs of short, shedding hair
4. my laptop
5. a notebook filled with scrambled thoughts and story lines

Janet Johnson said...

I love the rocks . . . and you know, they have help groups for people who collect frogs. ;) But I hear admitting it is the first step. (j/k!)


Anonymous said...

that is one cool paddle. And I love that rock collection!!

I think you've inspired me to do a post like this. Thanks, Terry!