Friday, September 2, 2011

Lake Superior Park kayak trip

I'm back from another awesome expedition. This time to the remote, wild coast of Lake Superior. The official Park description:

Along the eastern shore of Lake Superior is a landscape like no other. A succession of massive headlands disappears into a shining expanse of water, forming a rugged coast that stretches farther than the eye can see. The world's largest fresh water lake - deep, cold, beautiful, myth-inspiring.

Gitche Gumee slept for most of our trip allowing us to get up close to the magnificient towering cliffs and spectacular pictographs. Here's a few shots, but of course, the photos don't do it justice. Most days we planned the headlands to avoid the afternoon winds, so the sun wasn't right for good pictures. I wish everyone could experience actually being there and witness the power of nature.

Click any photo to view larger.

checking out the pictographs on the rock

heading to the Devil's Warehouse where ancient scrolls were kept in a cave

Denis contemplating the Devil's Chair, where the giant supposedly rested after stepping over the lake

self portrait of the coast

Denis checking out one of many sea caves

my view from the tent couldn't be better. Cliffs aren't bad either

three cedars growing together from rock

Only a few moments of pure terror with some interesting crossings. And an unceremonious dumping and thorough pounding of one wet Terry under a rolling surf in the first three minutes of the trip. Yeah, welcome to Superior.

What grand adventures did you have this summer? Tell me about how the simple power of the outdoors filled you up.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yay! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics! Oh, Terry, it looks like it was SO beautiful and an absolute glorious time. Thanks for sharing.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The pictures are great! I bet kayaking is hard work.
I went outside to mow the lawn - does that count?

The Golden Eagle said...

It looks like you had a beautiful trip! :)

I ended up just mowing the lawn, too . . . LOL.

Anna Staniszewski said...

Gorgeous pictures as always! We lost power for three days after Irene, and I must say we spent so much more time outside than usual. I'm hoping we can keep that up (but I'm glad to have electricity again).

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures! I'll close my eyes and think myself there :)

Vacation for me? Sipping iced tea on the patio and watching the grass shrivel and turn white :)

Faith E. Hough said...

Wow, I want to go there now--all your pictures are gorgeous, but the one of the cedars made me catch my breath. Thanks for sharing them!

Jemi Fraser said...

It really is the most beautiful place on earth. Love the pics :)

Misty Provencher said...

Hi TerryLynn, another agency sista! I LOVE your pics...maybe, esp. because I'm a mitten girl. Hope to see you around- and I agree, I think Caryn is amazing!

Michelle Teacress said...

A sea cave sounds exotic! What adventures you have. :)

I've been gone for the month of August, so I'm glad to be catching up on blogs. Good to 'see' you again.

Anonymous said...

Stunning pictures.

I didn't go out much because of the sweltering heat.

Have a great weekend.

Paul Greci said...

Great photos!! I love those cedars growing out of the rocks!!

Amie Borst said...

what an adventure! i'd never be brave enough for that!