Sunday, May 10, 2009

the best thing mom

I've been saving this for my last post of the "Best Of" series mostly because I had no idea how I was going to pick just one thing that is great about my mom. But here goes...

The best thing about my mom is she's the most optimistic, giving, looney, habitual, nervous, thoughtful, compassionate, committed person in my life.
She's a warm tornado of vibrant, compulsive, zesty energy whizzing past people leaving wide smiles. I look to her as a role model for inviting more love into my heart. You can see when she's in a room that people are drawn to her selfless sparkle.

Starting next week, I'll be beginning my count down to the Great Kayak Expedition. Circumnavigating Manitoulin will be a grand challenge. That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. (?)

Yesterday my first published article came out in Adventure Kayak magazine. It was so thrilling to see my name in print. I actually got a little stage fright thinking of my memoirs that will be coming out next month!

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