Sunday, May 3, 2009

The best thing about...waiting

The best thing about waiting for 2 weeks for any emails regarding my writing submissions is when I get two acceptances in one day! The bad news is they were for the same article. Who knew that SEVEN months after I submitted my sailing story, Crossing Huron, they would finally answer me. And why did they take seven months to respond? They said they get a lot of submissions. I did send them a quick email in January - 3 months after I submitted the article - and asked if they had decided yet. What I should've done was say that if I don't hear from them in a week, I'd be submitting it elsewhere. At the time, I felt that sounded rude and I didn't want to get on the wrong side of an editor at this young stage of my writing career. So now I'm certainly on the wrong side of two editors. So clever!
In any event, I've learned a lesson and I'm still writing. And still waiting...

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Aurora said...


congratulations on the acceptances...I think!!:~