Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bike training

Home from work early today and poor dog looking at me like she's just the most neglected mutt in the history of neglected mutts. So instead of my usual paddle which she watches from the sidelines, I decided to do my cardio on my bike. Here's a sample of my ride:

Cocky, 24-year-old self: Whoa, there's a tree hanging across the trail at the bottom of this enormous hill! I could totally grab it and duck my head under the branches as I whip past.

Sage, 38-year-old self: why does this bike seat feel smaller every year...whoa there's a dangerous tree ahead. Should stop and walk under. But there's the angry mob of mosquitos behind me just waiting for me to stop. Maybe I can make it...

Editor's note: Terry did indeed make it under the tree as she flew down the hill at approximately 45 miles per hour - resulting in a triumphant millisecond of exhaultation before she noticed the deep crevice that her front wheel promptly buried itself into. Terry then did indeed fly over the handlebars and land softly in a cold mud puddle. Mosquitos rejoiced. The end.

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Heather said...

Too funny! Poor "puppy" - give her a hug won't you, VBG!