Friday, June 5, 2009


The dehydrator is going full bore these days sucking the life out of meals like homemade chilli, moose meat sauce for pasta, ground deer meat to add to soups, veggies to add to each meal and stewed-fruit roll ups. Here's what a bag of dried chilli and mixed veggies looks like. 14 days of food adds up. Hoping that taking the water weight out of most meals will aid in battling 20 knots of headwind as we push a fully loaded kayak through the breaking surf.

I've returned from the Coastal Level II kayaking course held in Killarney by ORCKA. And I passed! I've got bruises in strange places - those crazy cowgirl re-entries seemed a good idea at the time - lake water is still leaking out my ears and nose, and I've made some cool new friends who also think hanging out upside down in a kayak, in the icy waters of Georgian Bay, in June, is a fine way to spend a day.
I'm still working on my kiss-the-bow party trick. Though, I don't think I'll be doing much of that in our circum nav.

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