Sunday, January 10, 2010

Deer thugs

Glorious skate skiing on the lake today. The dog and I had lots of company. Didn't bring the camera, but here's a few photos from last spring. That's the look of a deer demanding more apples be tossed out the window. Specifically apples, not those dried up carrots again either or "someone's gonna get a hurt real bad." ('scuse the shameless Russell Peters impression)

Tanzer decides to stay inside for a little while.


Karen said...

The one closest definitely looks like a hooligan. :)

A few years ago, our dog went berserk at the back window, and when I went to go see what all the fuss was about, there was a trail of deer (probably around 20 of them) mozying down to the woods. Definitely the most I've ever seen at one time.

Anonymous said...

That's a sight I've never seen. I'd like to live somewhere woodsy some day.

Michelle said...

We have deer in our woods too, but they never come quite so close to the house. And oddly, I haven't seen any of them since we got snow, although there are tracks.

Kelly said...

Does your dog go nuts when the deer come around? Deer come by my house maybe three times a year. I accidentally let my pup out a few weeks ago without checking outside, and she chased three deer away! (Luckily the deer were outside of our fenced in area, or she might have gotten lost!)
Great pics!!

Paul Greci said...

Great photos!! Thanks for sharing them!

Jamie D. said...

That first photo is so cute - stare down! :-)

I bet those deer are shameless beggars after you feed them, eh? Cute critters though (when not eating rose bushes...).

Rena said...

OMGosh -- those pictures are great! It's like, "Feed us or die!"

Christina Farley said...

Oh wow. These are great pics. The deer have such great expressions!

My name is PJ. said...

They are so precious, but man can they destroy almost whatever you plant!

Love these photos. I can always feel the crisp air when I come to your blog!

Janet, said...

He's not barking, so I guess you dog is used to the deer. We have deer tracks all over our yard in the snow, I love them.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Thanks for all the great comments everyone!

Karen, that sounds like a cool sight!

Medeia, we're so lucky to live where we do, I agree.

Michelle, Shy deer are good!

Kelly, We've trained Tanzer that she's not allowed to chase the deer. She used to when she was a pup. Now she knows better and just watches them.

Paul, you have some great photos on your blog too!

Jamie, yes, I have no vegetables or gardens they can eat so I don't mind them coming.

Rena, yeah, they have that look about them!

Christina, I just love their expressions too. Got lucky with the photos.

PJ, thanks for the lovely compliment!

Janet, Yup, Tanzer is almost bored with the deer when they come.