Saturday, April 25, 2009

The best thing about...April 24

The best thing about April 24 is the lake opened up and I can now begin kayaking! Yea! However, the deck has now lost it's cover of snow and is obviously in serious need of painting. Boo!

This has been a long couple of weeks for me waiting for replies - any reply - from my numerous submissions out there. Each evening I anxiously turn on the computer and wait for the 10 minutes or so for it to warm up and finally show me my email box. Sadly, I've had NO word at all. It's frustrating when a few editors are SO late in getting back to me when they all but promised they'd accepted my submissions as soon as I sent photos. I'm becoming less thrilled with writing for magazines since I'm not much of a photographer, but so many of my articles are not accepted due to lack of good pictures.

Anyway, must continue to write and not think about it. Forget about them once I've submitted and move forward. Keeping forward motion can sometimes be exhausting.

The good news is I've won the annual family challenge for correctly guessing the date the lake opens. A mystery prize in a box is waiting for me to open tonight. I'm hoping it's a "get out of dishes free card" good for at least a month. Do we know how to party or what?


Jackie said...

that is totally fun, i hope the gift, is paddle with my dear friend in manitowaning as i didn't go to prov'ls with her nor go in a running race with her, so i better travel to the island to paddle with her!

Jackie said...

tell Denis to get over it not going to the gun show, bob would have loved for him to come with the gang of guys that went!!