Saturday, April 4, 2009

The best thing about...writing memoirs

The best thing about writing my Quetico Park memoirs is when I sell some of my stories to Boundary Waters Journal!! Woohoo! I had submitted some of my ramblings to test to see if a) they were any good and b) to start an audience of my work so I can use that to sway a book publisher to pretty please take a chance on me. I'm actually sort of nervous for the next issue of Boundary Waters to come out now, since this is my most personal writing that will be published.
Now back to work to feverishly write something even more personal in hopes the magazine will consider doing a mini-series. I've run out of good photos of my time there. This week I dug through boxes and pulled out old albums in search of a picture the editor would like. Finally found one, but apparently I was too busy paddling to take any good picts. This photo of me was taken by my friend Heather Ojala. What a trip that was! Now Heather will be nervous wondering if I will write about said trip! Ah, when we were young and foolish...

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M said...

Hi Terry,
Way To Go! I am so excited for you! You are on your way to a great and satisfying career and we will be here for you all the way! ;)

Mike (TWF)