Saturday, March 28, 2009

The best thing dad

The best thing about my dad, Doug Johnson, is his great life-advice. He's usually wise, witty, perceptive and unvarnished. He is my lighthouse. Though, sometimes his advice is not what I want to hear. (I especially hate taking Oil of Oregano)

Went to the Paddling Film Festival last night and totally pumped for the season. I think a new kayak may be in my future. If I'm going to travel around the entire Island, I'll need to be comfy and fast. And just because I already own a different boat for each week of the short summer, doesn't mean I'm obsessive. Okay, maybe a little water obsessed. Still, I think I should get a longer kayak. (I just wont ask my dad what he thinks)

1 comment:

Aurora said...

Dads tend to be that way, eh? lol

Good luck with the kayak-hunting, Terry!