Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ottawa writers' conference

Thanks to all for the great business card suggestions. I have now closed my eyes, poked at the keyboard and ordered my very own professional-ish cards. I hope they arrive in time for the conference I've signed up for. here

I've decided going to a conference may help the discouraging dark cloud that's hung over my head since my book contract was cancelled. I have also bravely sent my manuscript for a critique session because I want my life to be all about moving forward. I'll give the rundown on the whole event when I return.

Also helping with the cloud - my loving parents presented me and my awesome partner with this GEM as a way of recognizing our suicidal tendencies and need for reckless adventure...wait...I mean our accomplishment. Woohoo Mom and Dad - you rock!


Jackie said...

you really do have cool parents. I must meet them sometime. K, are you not going to tell us what business card you chose? Or do I have to wait till you hand me one?

still loving my little big baby!

Janet said...

Good Luck at the conference. You have to keep pushing ahead in order to succeed. One person wanted your book, I'm sure another will.

Tara said...

Cool award. Larissa left a comment on my blog that it might be possible to register for Muse until the 20th of this month (so two days from today). I emailed the coordinator, Lea. I'll let you know if I hear anything else on it.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Thanks everyone. And Tara, thanks for posting that. I'll try to register - better late than never.

Tara said...


It's official. Lea left a comment on my blog with instructions on how we can sneak in past the deadline for Muse. There's only two days left (well 1 1/2 now), but I'll take it.