Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the best thing about....My Brother

A while ago it was suggested to me, "You haven't got a blog yet? What are you, new? You've got to get a blog!"
Well, I didn't really buy into it at first. Why be at a computer when I could be snowshoeing or skiing.
The more I heard about it though, it grew on me. It could be a great motivator to write more. I'll write everyday.
Well sadly, my life is not that exciting. But today I've come up with one of those aha moments. It came to me while I was listening to the news about more shootings and all the bad things in the world. I'm so overloaded with negative things each day, I'd like this spot to be a POSITIVE place. So I'm launching my new "The best thing about..." series. My plan is to write every day about what I like about someone or something. I would love this to be a community thing where you post the best thing about your....whatever the topic.
So, the best thing about my brother, Mike Johnson, is that he makes me laugh at his slightly weird, always creative, sometimes bizarre, usually astute way of seeing the world. And that helps me to be a better person.

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Aurora said...

That is a great idea, Terry!

Very uplifting, especially in these times.