Saturday, March 7, 2009


You can still drive a truck on the lake. But Denis and I are discussing our next epic goal. This summer we plan to circumnavigate Manitoulin Island by kayak. Yes, I've only just learned to kayak. Yes, I'm on the tail end of a wicked gooby cold and I can hardly walk up the stairs without shameful huffing. But goals are what keep me moving forward. And so, along with my feverish desire to be published, I will now add "train for stupendous expedition" to my TO DO list. I will post a running commentary on my preparations to circle the ISLAND. My first mini-goal is to join the Sudbury Run for Diabetes in May. Now that I've written it down, I have to do it.

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Jackie said...

Wow! Heather and I are planning to kayak in the evenings once a week, and have it open to whomever wants to join, she is also planning to teach another women's only kayak course again too. you should join us when you can. i will let you know details later.
i am training for the run too. 10 km. you should do that with me=)
hope you get feeling better, tell Denis hi!