Sunday, July 5, 2009

Departing for Expedition

This is what 165 pounds of gear looks like. It was a little tight in the yaks so a few things had to go. This is the weened pile. I had to resort to an old Quetico trick and purchased a pair of underwear that Tilley Hat makers sell - quick dry. I'll wash them every night and hopefully they'll be ready to go in the morning. That got rid of 14 pairs of underwear.

The marine forecast is calling for a week of gale West winds. Just in time for us heading West. Hopefully the unappreciated joke of the winds switching East as we round the Island will not happen. We're about to set out tonight to try and get a head start on the wind monster due to make an appearance sometime after midnight. At this rate, it may take until September to make it back. But two weeks is all we have. Success or failure, depends on the wind. I'm looking out the window at the trees bent over, leaves flapping and imagining what the North Channel looks like. I'm imagining my head bent forward, eyes squinted, hair blowing out behind me as I struggle to not lose the paddle. I'm imagining this being fun.

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