Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trip food

The most asked question I've been getting about our recent kayak trip was about what food we ate. Here's a breakdown of a typical day on our journey.

Calories burned: 4,000

Breakfast: Carnation Instant Breakfast envelope with powdered milk (Denis has 2)
dried apricots

Snacks: chunks of cheese
oranges, apples
granola bars
homemade bear jerky

Lunch: Bagel (Denis has 2)
PB, honey
dried fruit

Dinner: Deer meat chilli
chicken soup
Sweedish Berries candy

Water: 2 litres per day

Weight loss: Denis - 5 pounds
Terry - 0

1 comment:

Jackie said...

remember about the weight loss,how I always tell Denis he is full of it, so he just lost a little of that=)