Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Competed in a triathalon on Sunday as part of an all female team. We had a runner - who came in third, beating out lots of athletic-looking men. Myself and my swimming friend, Jackie, paddled the 6 km canoe sprint - passing one canoe but just could not catch the (much younger) girls in front of us with the invisible motor. And our biker held her own coming back with white eyeballs in a sea of mud. We came in third. Considering it was pouring rain, there were lots of teams, the atmosphere was filled with laughter and screaming kids, and I had a blast. The mouth-watering aroma coming from the sausage stand attracted most everyone to gather in one area after the race. Great commraderie.

It was an interesting role-swap for my friend and I. We train together for swim meets and she is a far superior swimmer than me. But for this day, I was the expert paddler yelling advice, suggestions and orders from the stern. Looking at our time, I think it worked. But swimming season isn't far off so the order of the Universe will soon right itself.

Triathalon Results


Jackie said...

it looks like we came in 1st! and we came in 2nd overall for the 4 man relay. our time was very good.... laughing at your blog!

Heather said...

Congrats Terry on finising your marathon with such a good showing!