Friday, July 17, 2009

Kayak Manitoulin Island a success

In between naps and replenishing my fat reserves, I thought I'd take a moment to quickly say we MADE IT around Manitoulin. A few stats:

Distance: 315 km

Time: 8 days and 1 hour

Average Distance covered per day: 35 km

Greatest distance covered in one day: 58 km

Time on the water: Generally 5am - 2pm but some days went till 5pm


3 hour crossing by compass in complete fog

Following 6 foot seas off Greene Island - losing sight of each other in the troughs

Raccoon stealing food from the cockpit at night - made off with apples and a bag of nuts

6 Degree Celcius morning temps. 8 Degree Celcius water temps. (ensured no tipping)

Learned to pee from a kayak into a peanut butter container

The entire coastline of Wikwemikong - mini flower pots, cliffs, clear aqua waters

An intimate encounter with Giant Hogweed resulting in itchy burning horrendous rash.

As always, click on any image to enlarge.

Will write a little more when the keyboard stops rocking - still have a wicked case of sea legs.


Jackie said...

you are just too awesome! we must get together soon... maybe august?

Alain GĂ©rald said...

Fantastic! That is great! I didn't meet anybody this year that circumnavigated the Island. Last year I met three.
Next time, make sure to stop in Providence Bay. We just opened up a hostel called Auberge Inn and are located 400 steps from the beach.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to see such an incredible shoreline. I too circumnavigated Manitoulin in 2009 solo by sea kayak. The last two years I've concentrated on the outer islands surrounding Manitoulin. I'd like to meet up with you next paddling season.

Wendy Killoran
aka kayakwendy

Fanny Filman said...

Congrats on a great adventure and acheivement! We are hoping to kayak a small section of Manitoulin soon. Any advice on where to put in from a car, crown land camp sites and amazing landscapes like the pic you showed (for a 2 day ttrip only). Any advice would be so appreciated.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

I'd send you an email Fanny, but you didn't leave one. If you look through my blog I eventually posted most of the good picts from this trip. Along the Wiki coast was my favourite part