Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy Writing

Contest alert! Over at YA Book Queen they're giving away some cool books. Check it out.

Also Nathan Bransford is holding a first paragraph contest!

Tonight is my first chance at pitching Sled Dog Seasons, my middle grade novel, directly to a publisher. I'm getting this chance through the free Muse Online Writers Conference. All week I'll be involved in workshops and forums designed to help move my writing forward and to network with other writers and editors. And I'm doing all that from home!

I'll detail about the pitch in my next post.


Natalie said...

I keep hearing about that conference. I hope it's wonderful!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Hey, I've been online there today as well. Not pitching, but browsing the workshops and chats - also preparing for my own chat on Wednesday.
Good luck!!!

LeSan said...

Oh man I am so crossing my fingers for you ...or whatever it is I should do to help you pitch sucessfully. Should I start a chant or a cheer maybe. Sort of like a rooting for my home team?
;-) GOoo Terrrrryyy!!!
You feeling the love yet?