Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blogger Award

I received another blogger award! This one from Caroline Starr Rose. She used to be a teacher, but quit her job to write full time! That's my kind of leap of faith! Check out her blog. She runs an after school book club as well and has some great insights.
Seven things about me sounds a little boring, and you already know way too much about me. Since this is a creative award, I'm going to tell you seven things about my MC from my upcoming book, Dogsled Dreams.
1. Her name is Rebecca
2. She's 12 years old
3. She wants to run a dogsled race alone with her dogs
4. She secretly loves to sing, especially anything by the Pussy Cat Dolls
5. Her favorite dog is Doppler, who she's trained since he was a puppy
6. Sometimes, Rebecca worries she's not a good musher
7. And something that's not in the book - when she was younger, she used to pretend she was Mogli and crawl through the woods with the puppies and get covered in mud...wait a minute, or was that me?
I'm passing this award on to Mary over at Writers butt does not apply to me. She is halarious and fun.


Mary said...

I just saw the comment where you gave me an award. Thank you so much.

Kelly said...

Congrats on your award, and I loved learning more about your main character!

LeSan said...

Congrats you --again! You are having such a wonderful year and I am so happy for you!!
I am always more than happy to learn more things about you. I can't imagine anything in your life to be boring. Ok, sure maybe you play scrabble in the middle of winter but hey, a good game of scrabble can get pretty rowdy.

I think your book sounds like great fun. I believe I would have been impacted by it as a young girl and remembered it to this day.