Thursday, April 28, 2011


I feel the need to confess something a little decadent. Today, I had the WHOLE day to write. And I wrote a total of ONE paragraph. I then spent the rest of the day shopping for books on line.

Shameful. Shameful. Shameful!

In my defense - it was raining outside and I'm about to go canoe camping for three days. I just didn't feel like getting wet. Oh, wait, that's not much of a defense for not writing.


now a little grin creeps across my face as I show what I bought....

I also bought several more on my KOBO reader!

Lots of Elevensies love here. I LOVE my fantastic group of debut authors!!!  I've also just finished reading a few more fabulous Elevensies which will all be featured in my next installment of  ELEVENSIES GIVEAWAYS. Stay tuned.

The Windup Girl was a must after reading SHIP BREAKER. Words cannot describe how much I loved that book!

And I know, it's about time I read Black Star, Bright Dawn. Especially considering Scot O'Dell is one of my favourite authors. To be honest, I've been a little shy to read it, but I was feeling brave today.

Okay, so anyone else have an uncontrollable book purchasing problem? Help me out here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Winner of Ice-out contest!

winter didn't want to end this year

Today at the lake, we finally have a winner for the ice-out contest thanks to the dump of rain last night. The ice has been holding out in one corner of the lake for the last four days

stubborn ice in the bays

But today - YAY! Ice-free and ready for summer!

Just in time for our canoe instructor course this weekend! Went paddling two days ago and gingerly tested the temperatures. Let's just say I hope the canoe rescue portion will be quick since I'll be IN THE LAKE.


We have a winner!  Winning guess of April 27 at 12:34.  (can I borrow your crystal ball?)


And the prize is....

Thanks to everyone for playing along!

note: I guessed the 25 so I lost our family bet this year.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dead things my dog brings home

Images from our hike today:

And here's our lake during the snowstorm and after

As you can see - the lake is half open!  Guesses for the ice-out contest are now closed. I'll be posting the exact date and time soon I think - and the winner!

Dead things

Today on our hike, my dog found a half a rabbit. The bottom half. This led me to ponder the events that would have taken place for a half a rabbit to be left in the bush. Tragic and dramatic stories tossed around in my head until I could write them down when I got back. Inspiration for writing is all around me.

A half a rabbit isn't the only thing my dog has found lately. This winter she was obsessed with a chickadee that had unfortunately broken its neck on our window. Tanzer sat with it in the snow - even brought it on our walks for three days.

I'm never surprised to see her trotting out of the bush, head held high, with a deer leg danging from her mouth. We live in the middle of a winter deer yard, and where there are deer, there are wolves.

Dead frogs, dead ruffed grouse, stinky dead things I didn't even recognize.

What has your dog brought home lately?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guess ice-out contest

An annual tradition at my house is to guess the date that the lake will break free from its long winter nap. This year I thought I'd invite everyone to join for a chance to win a mystery prize.  (It involves a book.)

Leave a comment with your best guess of date and time for ice-out.  Good luck!

ALSO: happiness is... finding your book listed in THE BIGGEST HITS OF THE YEAR  in Trends in MG at the Write Angle! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Busy writing!

To entertain you while I'm away, here's a very cool vid of a couple of animals in Alberta that know what it's like to be busy.

Little known fact:
I'm not sure I would have noticed if it had not been pointed out to me, that all three of my manuscripts have beavers in them. Hmmm...