Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Adventure

Bet you're wondering what happened to the good old days when I used to post here about my outdoor adventures and share buckets of photos.

Few things have made this a busy summer and sadly, we missed a few planned trips.

And the final blow was a very heartbreaking decision to put our Husky dog down due to cancer. This hollowed me out right good till we met Lady Bird.

Lady Bird - our 10-month-old latest family member. Border Collie / Lab mix

We've just returned home from our two-week adventures in Nova Scotia where we all bonded and ate seafood and hiked and camped in a tiny tent, and now Lady Bird is home and wondering - "What?? I can't sleep with you in your bed? What the heck is this business?"

Lady Bird LOVES to sleep in a tent with THE PEOPLE

And now for buckets of photos:

When I say hiking in Nova Scotia, I mean - the ENTIRE province. We went all around. 6,000 km. Fun, but next time we are flying to the destination!

anyone else do an epic road trip this summer?