Thursday, April 5, 2012

The reason why being an author is awesome

I haven't talked about Dogsled Dreams for a while, but felt the need to mention I found this little gem thanks to Google Alerts.

Imagining my book being read out loud in a classroom,
and those kids actually liking it so much, they don't want the teacher to stop,
and then those kids reading it again ON THEIR OWN

and then having the totally awesome teacher,
who not only reads to her class, but also blogs about books,
take the time to post this about my little book ...

well, there are no words.

photo credit

just smiles.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Read any good books lately?

While waiting for my revision package from my editor, I've been on a reading frenzy.

Perhaps it's a YA burnout, or just my mood, but I'm not having much luck in my choices this year.

I don't like talking about books that I didn't care for, so here's a few that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED

I've read 26 books this year. This is a small percentage.

So I'm looking for your help in finding my next book crush. I'm considering Anansi Boys on audio. I've heard it's a great audiobook and I've just discovered the joys of driving and listening.

I'm looking forward to others that are coming out soon - Bitter Blue, The Drowned Cities, The Calling, Endure. I'll be purchasing all of these.

Any advice? What's your book recommendation?