Saturday, July 7, 2012

Slate Islands kayak adventure

A kayak trip is not complete without a major wipe out
Back from another epic kayak adventure - this one to the Slate Islands in Lake Superior and Neys Park.

Highlights include:

  • man-eating waves and wipe-outs = bruises, lost sunglasses, and a gallon of water ingested. But wicked fun!
  • trout-infested waters allowing for delicious fresh shore-lunch served on rock platters
  • caribou sightings! Five in total, and one morning finding tracks less than a foot from our tent
  • a rather bumpy paddle in confused 3' seas through the fog along massive cliffs along west side of Slates. Amazing! And scary as heck!
  • EAGLES everywhere and a cool geological formation called shatter cone
first day Superior greeting us with style

Pic Island of Neys Park
I've just completed the 10 km open water crossing to the Slates
Caribou tracks

view from the tent
rod bent with 15 lb lake trout
shore lunch

unfortunately, no photos of the wild ride along the cliffs in the fog. both hands needed for the paddle!

Amazing trip! Now back to work and writing.

Anyone else have good summer vacation stories to share?