Saturday, November 7, 2015

New book deal

Lots of book goodness happening around here. 

Photo credit here

First, here's the latest book deal I can share from Publishers Weekly:

Julie Bliven at Charlesbridge has bought Birds of Prey by Terry Lynn Johnson. It's a middle-grade survival story about 12-year-old Karma's quest to rescue her dad after a car accident leaves him trapped in the desert. Karma has only the help of her trained falcon and a troubled runaway boy, who may or may not be a friend. Publication is slated for 2018; Caryn Wiseman of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency did the deal for world rights. 

I'm so thrilled to finally get to share this story with you. I've had a fascination with raptors for years - seriously, look at that face, doesn't everyone?

You can check here for updates and more on my research for this project. The photo is a hint for exactly what kind of falcon is in the story. Can you guess?

Next, the paperback edition of ICE DOGS is out! I had a giveaway for my mailing list subscribers. Congrats to the following who won signed copies:

Cara Falcetti
Margaret Black
Kathleen Byrd

If you purchase a copy and want it signed, send me a self addressed envelope and I'll mail you a custom bookplate with little sled dogs on it!

I have one more thrilling bit of news that will have to wait till next month to share. I hope that you may come back to join the celebration. Thank you, everyone for sticking with this blog! 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Best vacation - Whales in St. Lawrence, Quebec

I still can't tell you my big news.

But I do have more happy photos to share of our latest adventures.

Three weeks kayaking St. Lawrence and the Saguenay Fijord in Quebec.
Very French. Very WHALE.

little fuzzy, but here's me taking the above photo. This minke whale got a might close but the best part I wish I could share with you is the noise they make coming out of the water and blowing. Spectacular! 

Beluga Whales!

Grey seal - heavy breathers when following your kayak! 
stayed in this tent for three weeks!
Notice the tide markers in front on the beach. Sneaky coming up 14 feet during the night, had to keep an eye on it.

Two minke whales in a feeding frenzy. This photo was taken just before they got way too close erupting out of the water in a chaotic fashion and we had to back paddle post haste. Notice we are already rafted together with our kayaks to feel more stable and safe.

Note: "safe" being a relative term while sitting in a plastic tube on freezing water with mammals the size of busses underneath you. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kayak north shore Lake Huron

I have news! 

But I have to wait to tell you.

In the meantime, here are some photos of our latest kayak trip along beautiful Lake Huron from Sault Ste. Marie to Spanish, Ontario.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Student poems

I love getting mail from readers. It is the best part of being an author to imagine my book touched anyone enough for them to take the time to tell me about it.

This latest package I received has to be shared!

Not only did these elementary students from Massachusetts send me some fantastic ideas for a sequel (sadly, there will not be a sequel guys, ICE DOGS is a stand alone) but they also sent me these amazing POEMS

I have their permission to post these on my blog. Enjoy!

burned the map
by Jaime 

this is just to say 
I have burned the 
map that you gave
 to me

and you were probably trying to 
get us home

forgive me

I am very clumsy boy and 
so foolish

Four Little Booties 
By Christian 
The Point Of View Of Whistler

so much depends 

four little 
sewn with the cloth from a 

on my paws

Triple­Cheese Burgers
By Declan 
From The Point Of View Of Chris

So much depends upon

Triple­cheese burgers

Cooked perfectly

With orange cheddar cheese 

My team

by Rebecca 

So much depends 

My muscular dogs

Dorset, Blue, Drift, 
Gazzo, Whistler, and 
don’t forget Bean

Carrying me in 
the sled 
running rapidly

Bean By: 

from the point of view of Vicky

so much depends upon,
Bean the ice dog, 
in the wilderness, 
guiding me home

this is just to say
i need food and i wanted to hurt your dog but when i got on the trail

 you threw your snow shoe at me

and i ran and your dogs chased me and i hurt one of your leaders bean

by Dominic