Sunday, September 27, 2015

Best vacation - Whales in St. Lawrence, Quebec

I still can't tell you my big news.

But I do have more happy photos to share of our latest adventures.

Three weeks kayaking St. Lawrence and the Saguenay Fijord in Quebec.
Very French. Very WHALE.

little fuzzy, but here's me taking the above photo. This minke whale got a might close but the best part I wish I could share with you is the noise they make coming out of the water and blowing. Spectacular! 

Beluga Whales!

Grey seal - heavy breathers when following your kayak! 
stayed in this tent for three weeks!
Notice the tide markers in front on the beach. Sneaky coming up 14 feet during the night, had to keep an eye on it.

Two minke whales in a feeding frenzy. This photo was taken just before they got way too close erupting out of the water in a chaotic fashion and we had to back paddle post haste. Notice we are already rafted together with our kayaks to feel more stable and safe.

Note: "safe" being a relative term while sitting in a plastic tube on freezing water with mammals the size of busses underneath you.