Thursday, April 3, 2014

CCA Grant and other news

So much news for you! 

Audio Rights:

We've sold the audio rights for Ice Dogs to audible. It's going to be made into an audio book! 


I've just received the good news that I've won a significant writing grant from the Canadian Council for the Arts! I can't tell you how shocked I was when I opened that letter. It's a wonderfully validating feeling to be selected. 

I also won a smaller Writers' Reserve Grant from the Ontario Arts Council last month. I've been very very fortunate this year.


This fancy thing came in the mail from Junior Library Guild and made me all sorts of happy


Latest professional review for Ice Dogs came in - 

“Emotionally satisfying and insightful, this story has staying power.” — Booklist

Skype visits:

I've done over 40 Skype visits with classes all over the US and it has been a wonderful experience. Some feedback:

Terry was fantastic. She shared invaluable experiences with the kids about being a musher and author. — Mary Lee

The kids are still talking about it! — Christina Moline

What a wonderful experience for the kids! They were completely engaged as were the teachers. Terry left time for questions and it was clear from the questions that the students had learned a lot. — Mrs. Wainwright, Boxford MA

Mrs. Johnson hooked my class immediately. She shared funny stories, showed equipment, read from her book, and talked about writing. By far the BEST Skype lesson my class has done. — Amy Wilson

Here's one teacher's blog post with photos - Donna Young said my visit was one of the best she's had the pleasure to be part of. 
Awww! Thanks, Donna! Loved meeting your students!

Students shared their stories with me too. Here's a pet dog story: 

"My dog eats whole packs of crayons and then poops all different colors."

A dog who poops rainbows - Awesome!