Saturday, June 9, 2012

Puppies anyone?

Denali National Park Service has a new litter of cuteness.

They have a You Tube series called Puppy Paws that does a great job showing sled dog pups and describing the daily needs. Even at that age, their training begins.

Check it out!

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Things

Thing one - though more of a HE, is our latest addition with a cold nose and warm paws.

River the lucky lab

Someone had DUMPED this clever, sweet, funny boy, which was obvious by the ridge left where someone had removed his collar, and his behaviour like he was waiting for someone. He is also not a character that would run away.
He is FIVE MONTHS old! And all alone in a scary world. He was so covered in bug bites that he had an allergic reaction and swelled up like a monster puppy.
We've called him River (where we found him). He's quite a handful while he learns the house rules, but he makes me laugh every day.

Thing two - the new website design by She is brilliant and fabulous. Highly recommend her.  Under the contact page you can join my mother and be on my mailing list!

Thing three - new facebook author page for news and announcements about ICE DOGS, and other projects in the works. It's a bit skimpy right now, but will soon be filled with goodies.