Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dogsled Race Education Programs

Putting the kayaks away is always a sad event. But the good news is - it signals the start of my favourite season...


Many dogsled race committees are joining the growing trend to include an educational component to their race.

If you are a teacher interested in following a race with your class, or even just a fan wanting to learn more, there are blogs and websites you can follow along with.

  • Pick a favourite musher (I'm a loyal fan of Martin Buser, my musher-crush)
  • Meet the dogs
  • Follow the race via GPS
  • Live Chats
  • Read news reports from a Canine news team
  • Contests, videos for classrooms, games and more!

Here are a few links to get you started

Iditarod 2014 Teacher on the Trail, Jennifer Reiter


Just Wendy said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Musher-crush - you just coined a new term!

Leandra Wallace said...

The puppy on the scale- precious! And it looks like Mom is right there no make sure all is a-okay! =)

Stephen Tremp said...

How about Musher Crusher. That's if he takes you to first place.

Cathrina Constantine said...

We used to have dog mushers in the southern tier of NY. I'd love to try this, looks haarrdd.

Amber Hamilton said...

Hey, Terry! I'm finally back in the "game". Just got my blog up again, and I'm hitting the slush piles hard! Love the look of the new book! Congratulations!!!